NewsStaircase Balustrade Ideas to Elevate Your Home


Staircase Balustrade Ideas to Elevate Your Home

01 Mar 2023

There are many elements to consider when designing a new staircase, from the position of the stairs to their shape. But what about choosing individual features so that they fit together seamlessly, such as the treads, balustrades, and handrail? Balustrades on staircases vary widely in their styles and materials. Whether you’re all about sleek and contemporary or prefer a more traditional look, there’s a balustrade that will suit your interiors.

Traditional Wooden Balustrades 

When it comes to staircase balustrades, the natural beauty of classic timber provides warmth and character to your staircase, as well as a true feeling of elegance and appeal to your home in a timeless and decorative nature. Be sure to consider the architecture of your home when imagining your design. Period homes, with their ornate plasterwork and high ceilings, can cater to more elaborate timber or metal designs. At Input Joinery, our cut-string staircases can dramatically change a hallway or room and give a grand feel to a property.

One way to create a truly unique timber staircase is to incorporate a volute detail at the bottom of the flight. These curved ornamental handrails give balustrades a feeling of formality, with the handrail wrapping around the newel post at the bottom of the stairs.

Create Contrast by Mixing Materials

Mixing up your materials is one of the finest ways to make a statement with your stair balustrade design. It enhances the timeless elegance of both newer and older homes. Though at Input Joinery we specialise in timber balustrades, we do now offer a wide range of metal balustrade options available with most of our timber staircase designs.

A hard-wearing alternative to wood, the metal parts of the balustrade add unique decorative touches to a staircase. With a growing choice of designs available, depending on the character of your home, metal spindles are a great feature for older properties and bold balustrades are great for the more modern home.

Glass Balustrading

If you want to make your home feel bright and airy, glass is an aesthetically beautiful and inconspicuous solution for balustrades that may be used in a variety of settings. By allowing both natural and artificial light to pass through and penetrate the space beyond your staircase, it can really help open up a home. Another alternative is for the glass balustrade panels to be inset into the handrails and cappings, eliminating the need for any brackets or fixings for a seamless finish. 

Superior Made-to-Measure by Input Joinery 

All our timber staircases are purpose-made to your requirements, which lets you be integral in the design of the product. Each detail of your staircase will be chosen by you. With choices of balustrade and newel caps, through to the handrails and string design – Input Joinery will ensure your timber staircase provides individuality and functionality to your home. Get in touch with Input Joinery and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help with your next project. Email us at [email protected] or call us on 01264 771900.

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