NewsChoosing the right colour for your Timber doors and windows…


Choosing the right colour for your Timber doors and windows…

The all-important first impression of your home begins with the front door, greeting guests as they visit. The colour of your door can say more about your property than you would initially imagine. Colours can vary from neutral and traditional to vivid and bright, even to dark and stormy, but with so many colour options to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start!

When selecting a front door colour, it's always important to be thoughtful of the surrounding colours and finishes, whether they are brick, wood, or even greenery.

3 things to consider before picking your colour:

1. Think about the style of your home

Is it contemporary or more traditional? Your doors and windows need to compliment your property through their style and colour to avoid clashing. Victorian-style homes with solid wooden doors tend to suit classic colours like mahogany, navy blue and cream, whereas modern homes look fabulous with a front door dressed in royal blue, glossy red or charcoal. If your home is traditional or has a country-style, try a colour inspired by nature, think shades such as forest green, sunny yellow and berry reds.

2. Your home’s exterior

This can extend beyond the house itself, incorporating patio or porch areas as well as the colour palette inside your home. Look at the front of your home and consider which colours are already there. You should try and avoid clashing with existing brickwork or tiling, but instead, pick up on whether there are warmer or cooler tones. Having your window frames or woodwork the same colour as the door can really help to tie the overall image together.

3. Your style and personality

The colour you choose should complement the style of your home and reflect your own personality – but this doesn’t mean you can’t be bold and splash out with bright colours.

If you’re feeling adventurous go for bright colours for your front door, but be sure to choose a shade that complements your own personal style and the rest of your house. If you’re not feeling as daring, darker shades of blue, plum and green are a safe bet that will still make a design statement, but in a subtler way.

So much emphasis is put on colour choices as they have the power to evoke certain feelings whether or not we are consciously aware of them. Here are a few popular choices to consider:

Natural – rustic and comforting

White – simple, crisp and pristine

Grey – timeless and classic

Green – calm, quiet and soothing

Red – commanding, dynamic and engaging

Purple – dramatic and charming

Yellow – warm, welcoming and optimistic

Lavender – youthful and spirited

Black – elegant, powerful, and prestigious

Navy – authoritative and trustworthy

Another option to consider if you would rather make the most of the natural timber texture, enhance the natural wood colour with a stained finish. An excellent alternative to paint, colours like golden Oak and rich red Mahogany are sure to complement perfectly.

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